Philanthropy Management, LLC

Leadership in Volunteer Programs

  • Counseling corporations on organizing and implementing workforce volunteer programs. Managing volunteers requires special skills and special sensitivities. Philanthropy Management, LLC has overseen employee volunteer programs across the country and around the globe, and knows the issues.
  • Motivating employee volunteers. How to get employees at all levels excited about volunteering, and how to sustain that excitement.
  • Globalizing volunteer programs. Volunteering has been adopted in most countries around the world. Philanthropy Management, LLC has worked with employers and volunteer programs in the U.S., Europe, Asia. Latin America, and the Middle East.
  • Creating mentoring programs. Since the late 1980's Philanthropy Management, LLC's principals have been leaders in the movement for mentoring of poor and inner city students by adult volunteers. Philanthropy Management, LLC can design and implement mentoring programs for employers.
  • Evaluating results. While volunteer programs are not costly, they do utilize corporate human resources along with a modest financial outlay. Philanthropy Management, LLC can evaluate the impact of the program, and help make the case to senior management of the value for the program.