Philanthropy Management, LLC

Client Services

Philanthropy Management, LLC provides a complete portfolio of services for high wealth individuals, corporations and non-profits, beginning with exploration of philanthropic funding alternatives, and carried out through implementation, evaluation and transition to the next generation.

  • Counsel on selecting vehicles for charitable contributions e.g., family foundations, donor advised funds, charitable remainder trusts. Full service to create the selected vehicle, with a team including experienced attorneys, tax advisors, financial planners
  • Development of business plan, fundraising strategies
  • Guidance on selection of issue(s); research on most effective non-profit agencies addressing selected issues. Experience and networks in education, health care, arts, environment, human services
  • Guidance and assistance with international grant making, global programs
  • Evaluation of grant making, programs
  • Seminars on philanthropy for clients
  • Retreats for family members, staff; new generation orientation
  • Employment counseling
  • Preparation of print and web materials, including annual reports, program materials