Philanthropy Management, LLC

Advisor to Corporations and Corporate Foundations

Develop, implement and evaluate corporate responsibility programs. Being a good corporate citizen pays dividends in a company's hiring, marketing, lobbying. Major corporations have recognized the benefits that well thought out philanthropic programs can generate at the local, state, national, and global levels.

Philanthropy Management, LLC serves its corporate clients in all aspects of philanthropy, including the following:

  • Build the case for giving, to gain the support of senior management, the board of directors and shareholders.
  • Assist in creating new philanthropic foundations and corporate contributions programs. Advise on organization and staffing.
  • Counsel corporate and foundation staff on aligning issue focus to corporate objectives.
  • Assist and advise with design and implementation of communications and public relations plans and instruments.
  • Advise on project management, processes for proposal review.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of grants and strategies.