Philanthropy Management, LLC

Counsels Individuals and Family Foundations

Philanthropy Management, LLC advises high wealth individuals and families who are philanthropic and want to make their charitable gifts most effectively. Philanthropy Management, LLC provides counsel, facilitates retreats, conducts staff searches, and performs grant and program evaluation.

  • How to make the greatest impact with your funds - choosing a vehicle, identifying most effective non-profit organizations.
  • How to start a foundation - how much money do you need? Legal and tax issues. Who should staff it? Who should run your programs?
  • How to choose a donor advised fund that satisfies your aims. Should you work with a community foundation, financial institution or public charity?
  • How to decide which issues to target. If, for example, you decide you want to help inner city children, should you support public school education, health care, drug prevention?
  • How to identify effective non-profit agencies. Do they carry out their stated goals? Do they spend most of their funds on programs rather than fundraising? Is their financial situation healthy?
  • How to evaluate your results. Just as on the business side of your life, you want to be sure you're optimizing the return on your investment, in this case making an impact on issues you care about.