Management, LLC
About Philanthropy Management  
Philanthropy Management, LLC provides a complete portfolio of services for high wealth individuals, corporations and non-profits, beginning with exploration of philanthropic funding alternatives, and carried out through implementation, evaluation and transition to the next generation.

Counsel on selecting vehicles for charitable contributions e.g., family foundations, donor advised funds, charitable remainder trusts.  Full service to create the selected vehicle, with a team including experienced attorneys, tax advisors, financial planners

Development of business plan, fundraising strategies

Guidance on selection of issue(s); research on most effective non-profit agencies addressing selected issues. Experience and networks in education, health care, arts, environment, human services

Guidance and assistance with international grant making, global programs

Evaluation of grant making, programs 

Seminars on philanthropy for clients

Retreats for family members, staff; new generation orientation

Creation of educational collaborations 

Employment searches

Preparation of print and web materials, including annual reports, program materials

Boards & Awards
Clients and Partners
Corporate Foundations
Family Foundations
Letters and Interviews
Selected Programs Created
Speaking Engagements
Volunteer Programs